Bandages and Pads are the primary staple in most first aid kits, providing superior protection for cuts, scrapes, and burns as well as traumatic injuries, like pressure fractures and lacerations.

Perfect for larger wounds, 10 per box (also known as ABD Pads)

Trauma Pads are for large wound areas. Because they are absorbent and sterile, they’re perfect for keeping large wounds clean or as a pressure dressing to stop bleeding. If these trauma pads are in your first aid kit, it’s another way that you are preparing yourself in case something should happen. Being able to help someone in who needs a trauma pad, could make a huge difference to someone in an emergency, or even non-emergency. The trauma pads are a small and affordable way that you can protect large wounds, scrapes, burns, pressure fractures or lacerations. Pick up a bunch so that your first aid kit will always be fully stocked.