NEW! Liquid Disposal Method! Dispose in normal trash!

Capacity: 50 ounces liquids and/or syringe injectables

Includes: (4) Hardener Packs

Large Dispensing Opening: 38mm (1-1/2″)

Easy Carry Handle

Made in USA

Disposing of unused, unwanted or discontinued liquid medication is a way more complicated job than it sounds like it would be. Just throw it away, right? Totally wrong. You need to make sure that the medications are non-retrievable, and there are so many DEA guidelines that legally have to be followed. The makers of New Rx Destroyer Liquids Drug Disposal have made sure that when you use this product, all medications will permanently and irreversibly bond to the activated charcoal where you can just throw the entire bottle out like regular garbage. They’ve worked with the EPA and FDA to ensure that by using this product there is no chance that any pharmaceuticals, now including liquids, will be leaching into the drinking water, soil, or waterways. Not only is this the safest way to dispose of your liquid and injectable medications, it’s also the easiest.