ProCel 100 - 24oz Can


ProCel® 100 is a superb vanilla flavored whey protein that can be used to fortify any diet that yields 15 grams/serving. It dissolves instantly in 4-6 oz of liquid and can be used as an accent with other liquids or foodss. If you’re in the market for a way to add more protein in your diet, look no further than ProCel 100. Its delicious vanilla flavor can add some much needed to flavor to any liquid, and it dissolves instantly without constantly stirring or getting that grittiness when you drink it. At only 100 calories, but with 15 grams of protein, you’re getting all the nutrition without having to worry about too many additional calories. Add it to any type of shake or smoothie, and you’ll get a boost of delicious vanilla flavor that will enhance any liquid food. And with the convenient 24 ounce can, you will have enough to last you for several meals. ProCel® 100 is a power packed drink source of whey protein that can be used to fortify any diet.


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