JR. PLASTIC BANDAGES (3/8″ X 1 1/2″, 80 per box)


Tired of buying assorted sizes to get the one size you need??

Junior Bandages are great for shave nicks, little finger cuts and anyplace you don’t need a big bandage! Finally! Those little junior bandages you can never find! All One Size!

Why is it that whenever you need a small bandage, there are only large ones left in the box? For some reason, when you have a box of multiple sizes of bandages, the small ones are always the first to disappear. Having to put a larger than necessary bandage on a cut or scrape can be annoying and unsightly. The solution to this? Buy a box that is only filled with the small junior plastic bandages that you could ever need. Since there are 100 per box, you’ll always be covered, and you’ll never have to search through a big box of bandages just to find the perfect small one for your needs.