Indispensable, Wraps and Tapes are some of the most important products in a first aid kit. With a wide range of uses—securing bandages, compressing fractures or deep wounds, supporting sprains and splints, and keeping water and germs out—they’re a must have for the well-equipped first aid kit.

Cohesive Elastic Bandage, Latex-Free, 2″ x 5 yds, 8/Box

A must-have for any first aid kit, the Cohesive Elastic Bandage is one of the most practical pieces of equipment you’ll ever find. It is easily torn to fit any size, so there’s never any waste. And since it is self-adhesive, you don’t need tape or anything else to keep it secured. Cohesive Elastic Bandages are lightweight, porous and absorbent which makes it perfect for any hard to bandage area, or any area that you need to keep dry. Whether you’re securing bandages, supporting splints, or compressing deep wounds, the only bandage you’ll ever need is the Cohesive Elastic Bandage. No first aid kit can be called complete without it.