Bandages and Pads are the primary staple in most first aid kits, providing superior protection for cuts, scrapes, and burns as well as traumatic injuries, like pressure fractures and lacerations.

Convenient Dispenser-100 per box!

Everyone has been there. You’re with a friend and they get a minor cut, but it’s not so minor that you can ignore it, but it’s not so major that you would want to go somewhere to get stitches. The best solution in this situation is to use Butterfly Wound Closure Bandages. What they do is adhere to your skin, but not to the wound itself. You can avoid stitches and promote healing at the same time using these bandages to hold the skin together. The pain of a cut opening and closing can be jarring, and by leaving it open you could be opening the door to infection. And don’t let the name fool you. Even though they’re called “butterfly,” there’s nothing delicate about them.