Bandages and Pads are the primary staple in most first aid kits, providing superior protection for cuts, scrapes, and burns as well as traumatic injuries, like pressure fractures and lacerations.

Convenient Dispenser Box-100 per box

You’ll definitely want to buy several boxes of our 1×3 Adhesive Fabric Bandages. Whether they’re in your office, your house, or your first aid kit, having bandages accessible no matter where you go, is a wonderful thing. These 1×3 bandages are the most popular size for almost any small wound. They’re perfect for wrapping around a finger or any other joint because the soft and absorbent pad is covered with a woven, stretchy fabric. Kids love to play with bandages like they’re stickers, and with this affordable box of 100 units, you’ll have plenty to go around for fun and function.