Honey, I shrunk the wound! Activon Tulle is a knitted viscose mesh dressing impregnated with 100% Manuka honey.

Activon Tulle creates a moist healing environment and effectively eliminates wound odour whilst providing antibacterial action. Activon Tulle is ideally selected for granulating or shallow wounds, it’s a good choice when debriding or de-sloughing small areas of necrotic or sloughy tissue. Cut it to size!

The amazing healing powers of New Zealand’s Activon Manuka honey used to be one of the best-kept secrets, but not anymore. Now, because of the exposure of the amazing benefits of this natural remedy, it is in high demand. Choosing a natural remedy is always a preferred method of healing, and with the Activon Tulle, you can get the healing power of 100% Activon Manuka honey combined with the convenience of a bandage. A viscose mesh dressing that has been completely saturated with Manuka honey is your solution to any kind of wound odor while providing antibacterial protection. And since you can cut the Activon Tulle to any size, there’s never any waste.

Manuka honey brings the following properties:

  • Eliminates odors without masking them
  • Osmotic effect, drawing harmful tissue away from the wound bed
  • Maintains the ideal moist wound healing environment
Activon Tulle delivers the honey to the wound site in a convenient way also allowing the passage of exudate. It can be cut to size and can be placed either side up so easy to apply. Available in 4×4-5 per box