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When it comes to wound care, taking appropriate measures can promote a fast recovery. Whether you're dealing with trauma, chronic lesions or small cuts, we have what you need. You can kill germs and speed up healing with our wound cleanser or stop blood loss with trauma pads.

Meeting patient care standards is easy with products from Specialty Nutrition & Wound Care. Our wound care products promote healthy and normal healing. We offer several adhesive bandages, gauze roll bandages, and elastic bandages. Other products include preservative free ointment, non-stick adhesive pads, and metal detectable bandages. You can also prevent airborne contaminates and ease pain with our non-woven polyester burn dressings.

Located in Pittsburgh, PA we've offered quality medical products for over 18 years. Practice safe medicine and choose our wound care products for healthy and efficient results.

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NEW! PUSH Collagen Dipeptide Concentrate

PUSH Collagen Dipeptide Concentrate Cut wound heal times in half, while preventing new wounds from developing!  View Product Collagen powd...

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